What we offer

A framework to objectively measure socially accountable governance in developing countries. We provide indicators to track the capacity of civil society groups, government agencies and legislatures. Can they explain and justify whether public resources are being used effectively to meet social needs and to progressively realise human rights? Do they have capacity to ensure corrective action?

Who its for

We provide support to civil society monitoring and advocacy groups, development partners, legislatures and government agencies.

What we do

We specialise in projects intended to strengthen democratic and socially accountable governance. We undertake baseline studies. We design context appropriate – and power sensitive – interventions to strengthen governance capacities. Provide support for their implementation. And provide evaluations of the impact of governance projects.

Why we matter

We cut through rose-tinted impact stories and ‘alternative facts’. We learn from our findings and our mistakes. Our services help ensure that public resources in developing countries are managed more efficiently and effectively. This helps improve public services. And, in turn, helps to progressively meet social needs and realise human rights.

How it works

Send us an email describing your governance-related challenge. We will get back to you with ways in which we can assist you. If you like these ideas, we will send you a quote.